Bali: Gableran Instrument Factory

Gamelan Instrument Factory of I. Made Gableran in Blahbatuh, Bali. Photos illustrate the different stages of bar preparation, wooden frame carving and painting, and finished instruments for sale in their showroom, June 3, 1999.

Bali137After casting, bars are heated and hammered. Bellows operated by the man in the yellow shirt intensify the heat.

Bali138Hammering the bars: note the footwear – flip flop sandals!

Bali140An electric grinder is used to remove black carbonization from the bars that formed during heating.

Bars are hand filed to a smooth shiny finish before final tuning.

Bali144Bar filing before final tuning.

Bali145Wood carvers roughing out instrument frames.

Bali145jcClose up detail of a Jegogan wooden frame end.

Bali146Carving an end panel.

Bali148Gold paint application to instrument frame.

Bali151Bars are hand tied to instrument frames with nylon cord.

Bali155Showroom floor with Rincik, 4-note Gamelan Angklung instruments, and Gamelan Gong Kebyar instruments.

Bali157Gamelan Angklung instruments.