Jeffrey H. Vick

Music Educator, Timpanist/Percussionist, Private Percussion Studio

Studio Instruments and Equipment

MalletInstrumentsApproximately 350 instruments in the collection are available for private instruction and for personal use.  Some of these instruments may also be rented; please contact me for more information:

Marimba: 4.3 octave Marimba One

Vibraphone: Musser “One Niter”

Xylophone: 4 octave Deagan #264 “Artist Special”

Timpani: Slingerland, fiberglass bowls, 26, 26, 29, Remo Renaissance heads

Timpani: Yamaha Professional Series, smooth copper bowls, 23, 26, 26, 29, 29, 32, Remo Renaissance heads


Drum Sets: Ludwig Clear Vistalite (5 piece), Pearl (black, 5 piece), Slingerland (white, 5 piece), Zildjian Cymbals (14″ Light Hi-Hat (2 sets), 15″ Thin Crash (2), 18″ Medium Thin Crash, 18″ Sizzle, 18″ China Boy, 20″ Sizzle, 20″ Flat Top Ride, 21″ Ping Ride, 22″ Swish, 24″ Medium Ride), Sabian 10″ Splash

Glockenspiel: Musser M-645, 2.5 octave, steel bars

Crotales: Sabian Low & High Octaves, 13 notes each set

Chimes: 1.5″ Chrome, 1.25 octaves (C-E), single pipes/no rack

Pearl Philharmonic Series 6.5 x 14 Snare Drum, rosewood shell (limited edition of 30 made)

Pearl 6.5 x 14 Snare Drum, brass shell

Ludwig 4 x 14 Snare Drum, 1920 “Elite” model

Pearl Marching Snare Drum

SDbellsPearl Concert Toms (8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15) & stands

Toca Congas (pair)

Gope Conga

Toca Bongos (pair)

Pearl Timbales (pair)

Assorted Vintage (1920’s-1970’s) Snare Drums (Ludwig, Leedy, Slingerland, Pan American) with wood, metal, or Vistalite shells

other Ludwig, Pearl, Yamaha snare drums

Tenor Drums: Leedy, Ludwig, Premier, Rogers

Sabian Crash Cymbals (17″ HH Viennese pair, 19″ AA Orchestral Viennese pair)

15″ K. Zildjian Constantinople suspended cymbals (two)

Concert Bass Drums: Pearl 36″ Concert Bass Drum, Slingerland 14 x 30″ Bass Drum


Balinese: Gamelan Gender Wayang, Angklung (bamboo rattles), Cluster Bells, Rincik, Tingklik (bamboo xylophone), Hindu Temple Bell

Brazilian: Berimbau, Caxixi, Cuica, Pandeiro, Tambourim (2), Reco-Reco, Repenique

Djembe (Remo Tunable)




Kalimbas: Hugh Tracey Treble, Alto, African-Tuned Karimba

other African gourd kalimbas, Balafon, toms

Talking Drum

Bell Tree (Weiss)

Wind Chimes (glass, bamboo, steel rods, keys, TreeWorks TRE-44)

Monkey Drums


Gongs: 32″ Chau, 22″ Wind, 18″ Chau, Peking Opera Gong

Thai Nipple Gongs – chromatic octave (high)


Toca Temple Blocks

Grover Tambourine

Triangles (Abel, Grover)

Castanets (Black Swamp)

Miller Machines (triangle, finger cymbal)

Set1Metals: Assorted Agogo Bells (LP double, Gope triple), Cowbells, Brake Drums, Finger Cymbals, Sleigh Bells, Spring Coil, Steel Plate

Wood: Grover Woodblocks, Japanese piccolo blocks, Claves, Guiros, Slap Sticks, To’ere (rosewood slit drums from Polynesia), West African log slit drum,

Shakers: assorted Maracas, LP Afuche/Cabasa, EGGZ, LP Pro Shekere, Rainstick, Raspador, Shake-It

Sound Effects: artillery shell gong, bicycle horn, bird & game calls, bosun whistle, bulb horns, bull roarers, conch shell, firebells, flexatones, frogs, hand crank siren, marching machine, mouth siren, oxygen tank gong, police whistles, ratchet, sandpaper blocks, #2 school bell, slide whistle, spagane, thunder sheet, thunder tubes, train whistles, toy trumpet, tri-tone samba whistle,  vibraslap, wind whistle